In Quest of the Lark

Sanford Larson's Backpacking & Bike Jaunts over the Years

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Introduction To My Travel Website

One of my greatest passions, even more than hiking and camping, is travel, especially to non-western, "exotic" places. Backpacking or cycling travel has been so all-consuming that every available holiday had to be somewhere exciting. Even an extended "between job" break was necessary every few years. Somehow I had managed to take many trips since the 1970's without totally sacrificing my career. Now I am retired, and still travelling.

I left my native Canada in 1972 to live and work in Australia, and started to document my trips in the late 1970's. Based in either Australia or Canada, itchy feet have taken me to countless destinations. Nearly all travel has been backpack style, by local buses, trains, boats or bicycle. After 40 years or so, I have never grown tired of travel, and am always planning my next trip.

A couple of notes on how to make your way around the website:

- My website is now handheld-responsive, so should work well on mobile phones and tablets.

- Click on any of the trips in the contents menus on the top to go to that chapter of my travels. The menus are structured by decade, with individual trips within that decade in a drop-down list.

- If you click on a map link, it'll open to a new tab in your browser. You can toggle between the map tab and page tab to see progress of my journey. Ctrl + to make the map bigger if it's hard to see. Don't forget to close the map tab when finished with that map.

So let's go off in quest of that lark (apologies to Lewis Carroll and Ralph Vaughan-Williams), or at least have a lark doing so.

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